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Communication Log - Communication Log Week 5 Due in class...

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Communication Log Week 5 Due in class April 18, 2008 Part I: Identify two people who have let you down in some small way. (Small does not mean insignificant, nor does it mean you should discuss something highly emotionally charged, i.e., someone cheating on you). Communicate with each person separately using the positive communication skills you have used in this class to address the hurt you experienced as a result of this let down. Turn in a TYPED write up of the following questions for each person you addressed: 1 st Person: Identify the person and the circumstances of the let down. One of my best friends picked up a shift at work when we had been planning my birthday for over a month. What specific techniques did you use to address this let down? I told her that I felt that hurt that she wouldn’t take the day off of work to spend my birthday with me when we did so much for her birthday. Describe your experience of using these techniques. Was it positive or negative? At first it was very negative. She felt like she didn’t do anything wrong and I was upset (as well as a few of my other friends were) that she would let me down like this on my birthday. How easy or difficult was it for you to bring up this issue? It was difficult for me. I don’t particularly like confrontation about issues, but when it begins to affect my friendships, I find it necessary to go to the person and let them know how I feel. What was it about this situation that was easy or difficult for you? The situation was difficult to confront because I was afraid I would lose a friend in a petty argument. How comfortable were you using these techniques? I wasn’t comfortable at first, but after a while we ended up using the “speaker-listener” technique without knowing it (like we would actually listen to one another instead of bickering). How did the person you address handle the situation? She was upset at first because she felt like she didn’t do anything wrong. After a while of talking, she began to realize that she was doing wrong by picking up a shift at work. Under what circumstances do you feel you would use this technique in the future?
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Communication Log - Communication Log Week 5 Due in class...

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