CS200_A1 Specs - CS200: A1 Assignment 1 Worth: Due Date:...

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CS200: A1 1 Assignment 1 Worth: 5 points Due Date: 09/29/2006 Due Time: 12 noon Hardcopy: Place your hardcopy version in CS200 submission box located in the front office. Don’t forget to sign the declaration on page 3. Softcopy: Copy zipped softcopy version to your CS200 network submit folder. Topics Introduction to interactive graphics programming. Scan-conversion techniques for 2D lines. Linear interpolation. Animation of simple objects in a straight-line path. CS200 A1 Framework The CS200 Framework is designed to provide an abstraction over the Win32 API so that students are able to better focus on implementing core graphics algorithms central to CS200. The framework provides only a minimal set of features required for implementing the assignment. All students must use this framework to implement assignment 1. The framework’s coordinate system uses device coordinates specified by MS Windows: X -axis to right, Y-axis down, and origin at top-left corner of window. The framework is divided into two sections: Windowing and Simulation. Windowing handles Win32 API management: Double-buffered memory surface, methods to read user input via mouse and keyboard, modification of individual pixels. These functions are encapsulated in the Window class declared and defined in “Window.hpp” and “Window.cpp” , respectively. The implementation of MyWndProc() function in “Window.cpp” will be of interest to
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CS 200 taught by Professor Ghali during the Fall '06 term at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

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CS200_A1 Specs - CS200: A1 Assignment 1 Worth: Due Date:...

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