CS200_A3 Specs - CS200: A3 Assignment 3 Worth: Due Date:...

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CS200: A3 1 Assignment 3 Worth: 7.5 points Due Date: 10/23/2006 Due Time: 12 noon Hardcopy: Place your hardcopy version in the CS200 submission box located in the front office. Don’t forget to sign the declaration on page 3. Softcopy: Copy zipped softcopy version to your CS200 network submit folder. Topics Introduction to interactive graphics programming. Scan-conversion techniques for 2D triangles. Bi-linear attribute (vertex color) interpolation. CS200 A3 Framework For A3, Draw function in "Triangle.cpp" must be implemented using the top-left triangle rasterization method described in class. Vertex colors must be bi- linearly interpolated across the triangle surface. The triangle rasterizer must discard any clockwise oriented triangles. If you find any bugs or errors with the framework, please send an email to pghali@digipen.edu. Ensure that the email contains a full description of the bug/error including the exact steps needed to duplicate it. A correct implementation of A3 is provided in “CS200_A3 Test.exe” . First, select “Triangle” object type and use mouse clicks to select triangle vertices. Each triangle vertex is given red, green, and blue vertex colors in order.
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CS 200 taught by Professor Ghali during the Fall '06 term at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

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CS200_A3 Specs - CS200: A3 Assignment 3 Worth: Due Date:...

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