12 - show that a majority of college students drink heavily...

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Robert Miller Personal Health G. Drye 2/29/2008 Magnitude of Alcohol-Related Mortality and Morbidity among U.S. College Students Ages 18-24 This article is about the research done on the numbers of college students that consume alcohol. The information giving in this study is very informing. It talks about how the deaths by automotive vehicles are directly related to alcohol consumption. Not all deaths are because of this but as reported it is a majority. The numbers from this research were taken in 1998. In 1999 2 out of the 8 million college students drove under the influence of alcohol. This is a scary fact to know about. As a good abiding college student I get worried driving home when I know there has been a big night on the town at the local bars. This information given by these surveys just strengthens my knowledge of how dangerous the roads are. This survey and all the other numbers taken from the study
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Unformatted text preview: show that a majority of college students drink heavily. I feel that it’s alright for college students to have fun and have drinks to have a good time. When it comes down to it when college students get out of control with this consumption it can get very dangerous. With college student it is hard to make wise decisions. College students for most are just experiencing there first years of freedom to speak. This is a time where they are on the own for the first time and making decisions with out parental guidance. For some this can mean big trouble. Once the consumption of alcohol has commenced it is harder to make smart decisions, and some college students choose to drink and drive because they feel they have no other choice. When this is apparent it is too late, the damage is done. These are my views on what this article is about and how it affects college students....
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12 - show that a majority of college students drink heavily...

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