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annotaion 1 - research that can be conducted It also talks...

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Robert Miller Annotations 29 February 2008 #1 Sherley, J.L. “The importance of valid disclosures in the human embroyonic stem cell research debates.” Cell Proliferation. 41 (Feb. 2008): 57-64. This is about the manipulation of information about the research conducted on stem cells. It talks about the misrepresentation of information by journalist, elected officials, scientist, and entrepreneurs. They are able to manipulate this information from public discussions to support the religious side of the matter verses the scientific debate. It talks about the ability to resolve the morality of human embryos and the ethical
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Unformatted text preview: research that can be conducted. It also talks about how education is the key to letting the research on embryos continue. This supports my views on stem cell research in more ways than one. This helps my argument of the government and scientist that are not in this to better the nation, but are claming the fame and putting of the wrong vibe about the research. It also helps along th lines of how these embryos used are just a start to the research. This doesn’t mean that embryos will always be used there could be a discovery that allows the use of other cells....
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