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annotation2 - lives This article shows that there is some...

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Miller 1 Robert Miller Annotation 29 February 2008 #2 Doerflinger, R.M. “the problem of deception in embryonic stem cell research.” Cell Proliferation. 41(Feb. 2008): 65-70 This article is about the use of embryonic stem cells. It tells about the scientific reasoning and the ethical reasoning. This article states that there are other ways of obtaining embryonic stem cells. This article talks about how the legalities are put in the way of the research which causes most of the research to be put on hold. This is a bad thing; there should not be a hold or blockade on the research that could save millions of
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Unformatted text preview: lives. This article shows that there is some hope for the research along the lines of non-embryonic cells that will keep the legalities out of the question. It also talks about how it is a contradiction for scientist, who are here to serve mankind, to not be able to do this research and save lives. This also helps my argument in many ways. This source will give me the information to successfully state my argument and get my point across....
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