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Name: Sport: GRADING RUBRIC RUBRIC SCALE TARGET (3) POINTS ACCEPTABLE (2) POINTS UNACCEPTABLE (1) POINT SCORE OUTLINE: Included all required information in outline. Did not read material Missed one or two items from the outline. Read partially material Majority of outline was not covered in presentation Read material 3 TEACHING CUES: Clear, effective fully understood cues were presented Cues were presented, but not as clear and understood No cues were presented 2 Organized, managed resources (students, space, time, and equipment Organized with clear and effective instruction Organized but instruction was not clear or effective Organization of time and space and equipment did not promote learning experience 2 VOICE: Loud, clear, and commanding Most students in hearing
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Unformatted text preview: range Too soft/Not commanding 3 Attention and Technology Had all students attention Some students not paying attention Many students not paying attention 3 Instruction Had complete knowledge of material and command of subject Some material and some knowledge of instruction No knowledge of material 3 Feedback Gave feedback Both positive and instructional Some feedback was given and lack of instructional feedback No feedback was involved in instruction 3 21 pts = 300 pts 20 pts = 295 pts 19 pts = 290 pts 18 pts = 285 pts 17 pts = 280 pts 16 pts = 275 pts 15 pts = 270 pts 14 pts = 265 pts 13 pts = 260 pts 12 pts = 255 pts 11 pts = 250 pts 10 pts = 245 pts 9 pts = 240 pts 8 pts = 235 pts 7 pts = 230 pts 6 pts = 225 pts...
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