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Chapter 13: Questions 1. What rights, if any should smokers have with regard to smoking in public places? They should have no right to smoke in public places. Private places should be the only places should be the only places people are allowed to smoke. Doe one reason is, the smoke given off is harmful to others. If there are kids at these public places then that’s just another reason there should be no smoking. With no smoking in public places it keeps people from dreading going out. It is very uncomforting when one can not go out to a public place and come home smelling like smoke, nobody likes the smell of smoke on there cloths. I believe that there should be no smoking ay public places. 2. Have you noticed an increase in the number of your friends who have become smokers or occasional smokers?
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Unformatted text preview: How many picked up the habit at college? What are the reasons for smoking? What barriers keep your friends or you from quitting? I have noticed a great deal of friends begin to smoke. Most of them that have witnessed have become occasional smokers. Most all of my friends that have picked up smoking have picked it up in college. There are many reasons of them smoking in college. Some include being cool or just smoking when “I” drink. There are a bunch of barriers that keep my friends from smoking. One is the fact the going out there will always be someone outside smoking. This gives them a reason to smoke so they can socialize. Also if they cant smoke inside there are people always saying I need a break lets go smoke. These are just a few barriers that keep my friends from smoking....
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