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Chapter 2 assignment

Chapter 2 assignment - officials in my home town I was...

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Chapter Two Assignment ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION. WRITE A “ONE”-PARAGRAPH RESPONSE USING TIMES NEW ROMAN TEXT AND 12 INCH FONT. THE PARAGRAPH MUST BE MORE THAN EIGHT SENTENCES. Why do you think the college environment may provide a real challenge to your psychosocial health? In the case of my psychological health I don’t think college will cause a challenge. I have always been brought up around older people. The people I mostly associated with in high school were friends of my parents and highly ranking
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Unformatted text preview: officials in my home town. I was always taught the good things to do in life by my parents. They kept high goals in my future and taught me how to achieve those goals. They prepared me for my college carrier and for my life in the future. They gave me the tools I need to succeed. With the goals and all the knowledge I think that I was and will be able to succeed in the college environment....
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