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Chapter 3 Assignment - 2. What are some of the health risks...

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Chapter 3 Assignment: Directions: Answer the following question dealing with the information in Chapter three in your text book. To receive full credit for your work, a one sentence response will not be sufficient. You must answer the question in detail to receive the full twenty points. 1. Describe the alarm, resistance, and exhaustion phases of the general adaptation syndrome and the body’s physiological response to stress. Alarm phase is when the body is exposed to a stressor the fight or flight response kicks in. This process only takes a few seconds. Resistance phase is similar to the alarm phase, it’s the same organs but at a less intensive level and takes a longer period of time. The exhaustion phase is where the energy used for the fight or flight has been depleted. The toll on the body is due to the type of stress and the length of time under the stress. The body’s response to stress is the fight or flight response.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What are some of the health risks that result from chronic stress? There are many different types of health risk. Some are difficulty falling asleep or out burst of anger towards others emotion. And some others are difficulty concentrating and hyper vigilance. 3. What major factors influence the nature and extent of a persons susceptibility to stress? Explain how social support, self-esteem, and personality can make a person more or less susceptible to stress. There surroundings and environment have a big role in someones susceptibility to stress. Social support is very much a help to deal with stress cause people to talk to is always a big help. With out believing in your self stress will be able to take over whenever. As long as someone has a strong self-esteem and a good and positive personality stress well come and go a lot easier....
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