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Coping-3 - showed me that violence was not the way for me I...

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Coping with Violence and Unintentional Injuries Consider the effects that violence has had on your life, either as a direct victim or witness of it, or indirectly through depictions of violence in the media and elsewhere. How did you cope with a particular event? How would you advise others to response? Write and discuss your answer to the following question above, a one or two sentence response will not give you credit. Violence has had an affect on my life in a great deal. I grew up in a school where violence was just about a weekly occurrence. This
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Unformatted text preview: showed me that violence was not the way for me I saw its affects on the people around me. At the time it was scary I would get a weird feeling when people started fighting in the class room. It was hard cope with this cause it left me with a feeling of insecurity. I at some points was scared of some kind of retaliation from other students along the lines of shootings and stabbings. For others to respond to this would be to try to neutralize the situation if possible if not get someone who can....
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