Synthesize dibenzalacetone

Synthesize dibenzalacetone - further in a piece of filter...

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Objective: The porpoise of this lab is to Synthesize dibenzalacetone by the Aldol Condensation, using acetone and benzaldehyde. Procedure: 2.0mL of 3M sodium hydroxide was placed into a test tube to this 1.6ml of ethanol, 0.212g benzaldehyde, and 0.05g acetone were added. This was mixed with a glass stirring-rod. After some times passed a yellow precipitate formed in the tube. The mixture was stir further for about 30 minutes. The yellow crystals where separated from the liquid via Hirsch funnel and filter flask. While in the Hirsch funnel,the crystals where washed twice with 2mL of water. And then let to vaccumm dry for 5 minutes. this crystals were collected and place to dry
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Unformatted text preview: further in a piece of filter papaer Determine the mass of your product and calculate your percentage yield. 9). Determine the melting point of your product, mp dibenzalacetone 110.5-112C Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate hazardous waste container and clean your glassware. Post lab questions : why is it important to maintain equivalent proportions of reagengts in this reaction? To make sure that the reaction do not stop halfway trough and get a good percent yield how would you change the procedure in this experiment if you wished to synthesize benzalacetone, C6H5CH=CHCoH3? Benzalacetophenone...
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Synthesize dibenzalacetone - further in a piece of filter...

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