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NT Potraits Outline - Survey of New Testament Literature...

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Survey of New Testament Literature BLIT 120 Artifact: Portraits of Jesus and the Application to Modern Society Spiritually Alive Rubric: Biblical Knowledge (1A) Discuss the portrait of Jesus that is found in each of the four gospels. Next, give evidence from each gospel to support this portrait (e.g., In the gospel of Luke, Jesus is portrayed as . . ./ Luke’s Jesus is shown to be . . . by the way he . . ., etc.). Give at least four examples from each gospel to validate your portrait claim (be sure to include the Scripture references—e.g., Matt 1:1). Finally, discuss the application of each of these portraits for modern church and society. The best approach to structuring your paper is to divide it into five sections, one for each gospel and a section in which you apply these pictures to the modern church and society. Each section should be about a page in length. As for format, please follow the following conventions: Use a title page where you include the title of the paper (“Portraits of Jesus and the Application to Modern Society”), your name, your Z-number, your discussion group leader’s name, your discussion group section number, the name and number of the course, and the date. Please number all pages at the bottom center of the page (do NOT include the title page in the page numbering). Double space your paper. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Indent paragraphs one-half inch. Use one inch margins on all sides of the page. The checklist on the following page indicates how the paper will be graded. As you write your paper, you should check the contents of your paper against the items that will go into computing your grade so that you make sure everything is included and addressed properly. NOTE FOR E-PORTFOLIO:
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NT Potraits Outline - Survey of New Testament Literature...

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