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John Day Exam Essay #2 Has Art Changed Over Time? It has been stated that before the development of public collections that art was experienced through everyday activities. That art was not viewed by normal citizenry; I believe this to be partially true. I also believe that there has been a drastic change in art over the centuries, as new modes of viewing have become possible. Prior to the Renaissance and during the beginning of it artists were not even considered to be artists. They were on the same level as craftsmen, they just happened to be skilled laborers in paint or fresco, sculpture, or architecture. While their works were pleasing to the eye, they were just that – works. First and foremost it was a wall, or a church, or a mantle piece. At this point in time most of the work that artists created was commissioned by the Catholic Church. The Renaissance was the high point of the Catholic Church and it displayed this grandeur by commissioning beautiful works of art to decorate its halls. The commissions were not only created for decoration, this was a time when most of the population was illiterate. The Church used art to educate the population of the stories of the bible. A person who couldn’t read could walk into a church and listen to the sermon and look about the walls and view the story being told. It was a way for the church to spread its teachings to the masses, and further increase the number of patrons. Art served a functional purpose other than beauty in this aspect.
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artessay - John Day Exam Essay #2 Has Art Changed Over...

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