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Jean Aponte Terrorism Final Question 1 As the world changes and adapts terrorist have to change and adapt with it. Terrorism itself is not a new concept. The objective is still the same. What is new are some of the methods to implement, recruit, and fight that have adapted to fit in a post 9/11 world. Technology has also helped in the progression of terrorism. Security measures have changed and we as a people have become more cautious and attentive to world issues. Terrorism has always been employed as a tool by those who can not wage a successful conventional war therefore it has been around forever. Its intended purpose has always been to inspire fear. Today this fear can be broadcast to every corner of the globe through several forms of media namely the internet. Anyone with access to a computer can access terrorist gruesome acts with the click of a button. Unlike TV and radio or newspapers the internet is unfiltered. The internet is not only used to scare people but as way to draw people in too. Groups can broadcast their goals and their ideologies as well as stimulate support or inspire others to commit terrorist acts. Today anyone can access millions of internet sites. You can learn how to make a pipe bomb and other deadly devices. Someone with a great deal of knowledge about computers can access personal records, bank accounts, emails and anything else that can be accessed
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Jean AponteTfinal - Jean Aponte Terrorism Final Question 1...

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