Assignment 6 - Assignment 6 (Non-Programming & Programming)...

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1 Assignment 6 (Non-Programming & Programming) Worth: 5 points Due Date and Time: Before class begins at 12:20 pm on 07/17/2007. Copy zipped programming submission to CS250 web page. Place your stapled non-programming submission on instructor’s desk in Michelangelo. Topics Bounding Volumes Culling Ray-Sphere Intersections Ray-AABB Intersections 3D Picking Non-Programming Statement For A6’s non-programming portion, solve the problem of collision between two objects during a time interval [ ] e s t , t . The first object is modeled as a point located at positions ( ) z y x P , P , P P and ( ) z y x Q , Q , Q Q at times s t and e t , respectively. The second object is bounded by an AABB with center ( ) z y x C , C , C C and half-extents x e , y e , and z e along the X , Y , and Z axes, respectively. Answer the following questions: 1) Derive conditions for trivial rejection between the point-object and AABB. 2) Assuming trivial rejection fails, mathematically explain a technique to compute the times and positions at which the point-object would enter and exit the AABB. Programming Section: CS250_A6 Framework This framework has been designed and implemented to provide a code base for CS250 students in implementing their assignments. It implements a complete software-based graphics pipe. For each assignment, certain features previously implemented by us will be removed and you will be assigned the task of implementing these features. The software renderer is included as a library file in the project:
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course CS 250 taught by Professor Ghali during the Spring '07 term at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

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Assignment 6 - Assignment 6 (Non-Programming & Programming)...

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