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Mental Retardation/Autism (Readings and Guest Lecture) 1. Define mental retardation. a. Disability characterized by significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior 2. What are the varying levels of mental retardation? a. Mild i. MR 50-60; ~10 mental age b. Moderate i. MR 35-49; ~ 8 mental age c. Severe i. MR 20-34; ~6 mental age d. Profound i. MR Below 20; ~ 3-4 mental age 3. What are the various areas of adaptive behavior that are assessed in determining a diagnosis of mental retardation? a. Basic developmental skills; survival reading; communication; knowledge of self; emotional and personal adjustment; social and interpersonal skills; self-help skills; consumer skills; domestic skills; health care; knowledge of community; job readiness; vocational behavior; social behavior on the job 4. What are the dimensions for determining strengths and weaknesses? a. Intellectual and adaptive behavior skills b. Psychological/emotional considerations c. Physical/health/etiological considerations
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13_Mental Retardation_Autism - Mental...

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