12_Development of Self

12_Development of Self - Development of Self (Chapter 12)...

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Development of Self (Chapter 12) 1. Trace the development of self-recognition during infancy and toddlerhood. a. 5 months: discriminate their face from others b. 15-17 months: signs of self recognition c. 18-24 months: majority of infants realized strange mark on their faces d. 2-4 year olds have present self e. 4-5 year olds have extended self 2. Explain what is meant by a belief-desire theory of mind and outline how children’s theory of mind changes over the preschool years a. Children believe their beliefs and desires drive their behavior b. Early i. Perception leads to belief c. Later i. Basic emotion/physiology leads to desire 3. Discuss how a child’s theory of mind might originate. a. Biological i. Shared-attention Mechanism 1. brain mechanism- joint attention ii. Theory of mind module 1. brain mechanism; understand other people iii. Mirror Neurons 1. frontal cortex & parietal lobe; execution and observation of behavior 2. No direct evidence for mirror neurons in humans b. Social Influences i. Pretend play; conflict with others 4. Outline the continuing changes in self-concept that occur during middle childhood and adolescence. a.
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12_Development of Self - Development of Self (Chapter 12)...

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