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FYS Questions - Is the concept of civil unions “separate...

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Why oppose same sex marriage? Why for same sex marriage? Why civil unions? Even though gay activists claim same sex marriage is a “civil right”, how can marriage be denied to any coupling or group? What would stop single parents from marrying in groups to receive benefits together? Should same sex couples receive same rights as married heterosexual couples do? Why or why not? Are the rights of same sex couples being infringed by not allowing them to marry legally? Where do you draw the line with the separation of church and state? What are your real reasons for opposing same sex marriage (if you do)?
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Unformatted text preview: Is the concept of civil unions “separate but equal”? An individual underwent sex change operations to physically become a member of the opposite sex, but still has the genetic code of his/her original sex. Whom should this individual be allowed to marry? An individual has one X and one Y chromosome, but are resistant to male hormones, giving them all the physical characteristics of a female. Whom should this individual be allowed to marry? Changes in views after power point?? Why/Why not? Umbrella Theory Questions...
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