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Current Events Article 3

Current Events Article 3 - Current Events Article#3 Lisa...

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Current Events Article #3 Lisa Jones In the past month, many different security and human rights issues have been in the world news. In Pakistan, a militant group has been gaining more and more control and territory in the Swat area of Pakistan. President Musharraf had issued more soldiers to that region of Pakistan in order to regain control over the area. Across the world in Venezuela, President Chavez was disgruntled after voters turned down his attempt to alter the constitution. The proposed changes would move Venezuela more towards a socialist nation and give President Chavez more power. The voters were unhappy with the proposed changes since the changes benefited the wealthy instead of the poorer slums of Venezuela. The former President of Venezuela was interested in helping the poor. When Chavez first came into power, he also made promises to help the less fortunate. In late November, different Middle Eastern countries gathered in Annapolis, Maryland to discuss peace treaties among the Israelis and Palestinians. Many of the countries in attendance were also hoping to discuss the rising Iranian issues concerning their nuclear program. Many of these countries are afraid that the growing extremism of the Iranians and some Iraqis. The Arab states are hoping that the United States can make an agreement with Iran in attempt to keep the security issues under control. In Brazil, new crude oil reserves have been discovered. Government officials claim around 80 billion barrels of oil was found and implied that the oil would be placed in their federal reserves and will not be used in the near future.
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In late November, a cyclone hit Bangladesh with death tolls in the thousands. This has caused a major problem for the population of Bangladesh. Due to this natural disaster, many people have been displaced from their homes. In addition, the government suspects a shortage of a food supply to those that have been affected by the cyclone.
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Current Events Article 3 - Current Events Article#3 Lisa...

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