current event 2 - Current Event #2 Lisa Jones Many...

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Current Event #2 Lisa Jones Many Americans are unaware of world news. Many events have occurred in the last few weeks and most have gotten minimal coverage. To start off, China’s hierarchy was switched around in early October much to President Hu’s dismay. Only one out of the four officials promoted is a supporter and patronage to President Hu. In Russia, President Putin is experiencing the exact opposite. Parliament elections are coming up soon and those who have opposed Putin’s policies in the past will more in likely not get another term in Parliament. In other news, tensions in Turkey have risen after Kurdish militants decided to ambush in mid-October. The ambush left more than a dozen Turkish soldiers dead. Over in Afghanistan, people living in northern Afghanistan are thought to be breaking the disarmament laws currently in place. Afraid of possible Taliban formation, residents have sought weapons from the black market in hopes to protect themselves should the Taliban return. Bhutto, daughter of a former Pakistani leader, returned to rally supporters in Pakistan. Although many supporters were present to greet
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current event 2 - Current Event #2 Lisa Jones Many...

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