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Library Assignment Public Speaking Sections 1908, 1931, 3185 and 3186 For this assignment, I am asking you to demonstrate the ability to do research in the library, and not just online. This is not a difficult assignment, and will likely be the easiest points you will earn this semester. There are four steps to this assignment: 1. Pick a topic. Remember the restraint on topics listed in the syllabus: a current controversy in the national/regional/local conversation (i.e. in the news), being addressed by the group of your choice. 2. Using two separate databases, compile a list of ten sources regarding this topic. a. One of your databases may be a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc. b. The second database MUST be a database accessed through the library’s website (Ebscohost, CQ, etc.). c. Wikipedia is not acceptable as source for this assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: d. At least three of your sources need to be academic sources; a refereed journal, a book, etc. e. Print out the list of ten sources. 3. The next step is to find two of your academic sources on the shelf in the library (which, of course, necessarily means listing at least two sources that are available at the library). Once you find these two sources, make a copy of the front page of each (title page of a book, first page of the article in an academic journal). 4. Staple the whole thing together. Put your name, section number, and topic on the front page, and hand it in at the start of class. This assignment is due on September 05 for sections 1908 and 1931; September 06 for sections 3185 and 3186 It is worth 20 points of the 100 participation points...
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