exam 3 - Cognitive Development 1. Behavioral Schemes:...

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Cognitive Development 1. Behavioral Schemes: Enactive – knowledge stored in form of motor response; Iconic – knowledge stored as visual images Symbolic Schemes: intermal mental symbols Operational Schemes: combination of exsiting schemes to new ones 2. Assimilation – new info applied to existing schemes; Accommodation – modifying existing schemes for new info 3. Reflex activity: exercising and accommodation for inborn reflexes; tracks moving objects bt ignores their disappearance Primary Circular activity: rpeating interesting acts that are centered on one’s own body; looks intently at the spot where the object disappeared Secondary Circular activity: repeating interesting acts that are directed towards external objects; searches for partially covered part Coordination of Secondary Schemes: combing actions to solve simple problems; clear signs of emerging object concept, searches for and finds concealed objects that has not been visibly displaced Tertiary Circular reaction: experimenting to find new ways to solve problems or reproduce interesting outcomes; searches for and finds object that has been
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exam 3 - Cognitive Development 1. Behavioral Schemes:...

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