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CS300 Project 1 Due: Oct 5 Synopsis Implement the Z-buffer scanline algorithm as described in class. Instructions A framework will be provided which opens a window, builds a scene, and draws that scene in response to window, mouse and keyboard interactions. The initial code draws the scene using OpenGL commands. You will augment that code with your own scanline Z-buffer implementation. The framework contains a file named README, which contains information about the framework, its organization, the data structures used, and some code samples for interacting with it and with OpenGL. One file in the framework, render.cpp , is where all your work will go and this file is the only file you will hand in. When I grade your program I will build your copy of render.cpp into my copy of the framework . As a consequence of this, you must not make any changes to the framework outside the render.cpp file. What/when/how to submit
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