Assignment 5 - 3 - what is gender appropriate Explicit...

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Assignment #5 – Media as a potential influence on children’s gender stereotypes Watch at least 2 hours of children’s programming. Look specifically for the characteristics of female and male characters and the roles played. Take notes as you watch. Use the table below to collect data. You will need to turn in your data sheet (worth 4 points). Do not watch 2 hours of the same program and programming must be geared towards children (not all cartoons are for children). Name of program:___That’s So Raven_______ Type of program:_sitcom______ # of stereotypic male characteristics # of stereotypic female characteristics Male character A: Eddie 15 4 Male character B: Cory 5 2 Male character C: Victor 5 1 Male character D Male character E Male character F Male character G Female character A: Raven 14 6 Female character B: Chelsea 23 2 Female character C: Tanya 7 3 Female character D Female character E Female character F Female character G Now discuss the explicit (8 points) and implicit (8 points) messages to children regarding
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Unformatted text preview: what is gender appropriate. Explicit: Raven’s mom comforts her when Chelsea’s art doesn’t depict her while Raven’s dad just gives advice and isn’t affectionate. Eddie tags along with Chelsea and Raven and acts as their “mediator” when they get into a fight. When Chelsea and Raven fight it’s hair pulling and name calling. Implicit: Chelsea acts as the dumb girl who doesn’t know anything. They also have Chelsea enter an art contest suggesting that women are good at the arts but not the sciences or math. Raven and Chelsea have the typical “falling out” friendship but then make up later. The show makes it seem like girls have a lot of drama. The show also shows Chelsea and Raven as best friends who do everything together. This implies that girls are friends with girls and guys are friends with guys. It makes things seem like the friendships are different and normally a friendship with a guy involves a love fling....
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Assignment 5 - 3 - what is gender appropriate Explicit...

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