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Current Events Analysis 1 Lisa Jones Many different events have occurred in international news in the past month. Throughout the month, I have read the New York Times everyday and looked up on the internet different topics in international news. A few of these events have made headlines in world news. The most recent is the Iranian president talking at Columbia University. This has raised a lot of conflict in the United States. Many people have been outraged by allowing the dictator from Iran come to the United States and speak at a prestigious American university. There was also a lot of conflict about him wanting to visit the 9/11 attack sites in New York City. Another significant event that has occurred in world news is the kidnapping of Madeline McCann that occurred in early May of this year got new leads in the case. After a DNA match sample, the parents have been targeted as prime suspects in the case. There is still no sign of the little girl’s whereabouts. Another major issue in international news has been the conflict in Myanmar. The issue started when the government raised gas prices by around 500 percent. The inflation not only caused outraged from the public, but also stirred up another ongoing debate. The government of Myanmar is currently run by a military dictatorship. The people of Myanmar really want to move towards a democracy, but the government has such a strong hold, that they are making it impossible to change. The United Nations have been having many meetings recently. One has been about an Indigenous Rights Declaration being approved. This declaration stated human rights that were nonbinding. The United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia voted no contest to the issue, but were concerned about the veto power of the people of the country. The United Nations also rejected Taiwan’s decision to become a member
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earlier this month. According to the New York Times article, this is the 15
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current events article 1 - Current Events Analysis 1 Lisa...

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