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Assignment 1 - EVERY SINGLE variable that would promote a...

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Assignment #1: Giving Advice on Prenatal Care – You be the expert This activity relates to the material presented on factors influencing prenatal development, such as maternal diet, smoking, drug use, diseases, etc. Assume that you were asked to give a talk to a group of teenagers who are in the early weeks of pregnancy. What advice would you give them regarding factors that might influence the course of their pregnancy? Discuss
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Unformatted text preview: EVERY SINGLE variable that would promote a healthy pregnancy. Try to think about how you can give advice that will not just scare them but will also help them make healthy choices for themselves and their babies. Points will be lost if this presentation does not include a discussion of all variables shown to promote a healthy pregnancy. Merely referencing what was discussed in class or in the text is not sufficient....
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