Assignment 5 - what is gender appropriate. Explicit:...

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Assignment #5 – Media as a potential influence on children’s gender stereotypes Watch at least 2 hours of children’s programming. Look specifically for the characteristics of female and male characters and the roles played. Take notes as you watch. Use the table below to collect data. You will need to turn in your data sheet (worth 4 points). Do not watch 2 hours of the same program and programming must be geared towards children (not all cartoons are for children). Name of program: Clifford: T-Bone Gets Tough Type of program:_Cartoon___ # of stereotypic male characteristics # of stereotypic female characteristics Male character A: Clifford 2 Male character B: T-Bone 6 3 Male character C: Sheriff Lewis 5 Male character D: Male character E Male character F Male character G Female character A: Cleo 7 Female character B: Martha 4 Female character C Female character D Female character E Female character F Female character G Now discuss the explicit (8 points) and implicit (8 points) messages to children regarding
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Unformatted text preview: what is gender appropriate. Explicit: Sheriff Lewis told T-Bone, a male bulldog, that he was not tough. T-Bone thought that male bulldogs should be tough which represents a stereotypical male characteristic. Also Sheriff Lewis was in his house getting his girlfriend some food when she yelled for help. The explicit message was that the woman had to ask the man to save her because she could not save herself. Implicit: Cleo was a female poodle. She was very prim and proper. She had a bow in her hair and was pretty. Although nothing was said, the show implied that girls should always look pretty and be on their best behavior. They should never get angry and always cheer up the boys. She also was constantly encouraging T-Bone and telling him how he was so strong. This implied that the girl is never the strong one, she just stands by and encourages the boys....
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Assignment 5 - what is gender appropriate. Explicit:...

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