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CS300 Project 3 Due: Nov 2 Synopsis Implement texture mapping with anti-aliasing at both magnification and minification scales. For magnification, use bilinear interpolation of the four nearest texels, and for minification use the mipmap technique. Instructions Replace scene.cpp in your framework with the version supplied with this project. This will generate a scene with several objects each with an associated texture map. The projects should be implemented in two phases: 1. Texture Map: Correctly draw the objects with their texture maps. This part has no anti-aliasing requirements, so each pixel lookup can consist of a single pixel from the texture map. An object's texture map can be found in the texture attribute (of class Texture ) of an object. Be sure to correctly account for perspective by implementing “perspective correction” as described in class. That is, at a vertex, convert the texture coordinates (u,v) and the point's homogeneous coordinate w to the vector quantity T=(u/w, v/w, 1/w). Modify the scanline to interpolate the resulting vectors just as
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