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ProjectBump - CS300 Synopsis Project 4 Due Nov 16 Implement...

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CS300 Project 4 Due: Nov 16 Synopsis Implement bump mapping, integrating it with previous implementations of texture mapping and Phong lighting and shading. Instructions The scene generated by the associated scene.cpp file will generate an object with both a texture map and a bump map. For each visible pixel, you are to do these steps: Use the object's bump map to compute a perturbation of its surface normal. Use the object's texture map to compute a diffuse color. Use Phong lighting/shading to compute the color for the pixel, using the diffuse color and normal from the previous two steps, and the specular color and shininess exponent from the object's attributes. You will calculate the normal perturbation using N = N D , where D =  f v P u – f u P v × N N , P u , and P v are calculated, as shown in class, by assuming the texture coordinate function interpolates linearly across the polygon, and f u , and f v
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