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CS300 Project 5 Due: Dec 5 Synopsis Implement reflection mapping (also known as environment mapping), using a spherical map technique and a supplied image. Instructions This project's scene.cpp creates a torus and associates with it, a texture to be used as a reflection map. The texture image, named shpere.raw , is already processed into the special circular form needed for a spherical reflection map. You may place the looked-up texture value directly into the pixel, or better yet, use the value as K d in the lighting calculation. You may assume the environment is fixed with respect to the eye (so your calculations can be performed in projection coordinates). Framework notes The framework reads in the sphere.raw image for you, and places it in the objects Texture* refl; attribute. Access its bytes as you have for any other texture for this class. Keep in mind that, since this image is being used as a reflection map, you will only be accessing the central circular portion of the image. Why do I use the so-called raw format rather than something more space
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