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CS350 Project 1 Due: Feb 6 Synopsis Implement a multitude of small geometry library routines. Instructions The framework implements a number of geometry related classes, including Point2D, Vector2D, Point3D, Vector3D, Point4D, Vector4D, Line2D, Segment2D, Line3D, Segment3D, Matrix4x4, Plane3D, Triangle3D, Ray3D, Box3D , and Sphere3D . Much of the code is implemented for you, but 25+ methods and functions are left for you to implement. They are all in geomlib-advanced.cpp and have a body that consists of the single line: throw Unimplemented(); The framework provides a main procedure in geomlib-main.cpp, which runs trough a sequence of tests, each of which calls one of your functions, examines the result, and prints and counts any discrepancies. These tests are not thorough. You are encouraged to add tests of your own to verify the correct functioning of your code. Notes Make sure your methods throw exceptions (in particular ZeroDivide) when that are supposed to. Many methods are implemented for you;
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