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ProjectBSPTree - Notes ● Polygon splitting is the hardest...

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CS350 Project 2 Due: Feb 27 Synopsis Implement the Binary Space Partitioning Tree algorithm. Instructions A framework will be provided which opens a window, builds a scene, and draws that scene in response to window, mouse and keyboard interactions. The initial code draws the scene using OpenGL commands. You will augment that code with your own drawing code which uses the BSPTree data structure to draw the image correctly. You will have need of some of the geometry procedures from Project 1, so copy the file geomlib-advanced.cpp from your first project into the CS350-framework-src directory of this framework. You are to replace the OpenGL drawing with an implementation of the Binary Space Partitioning algorithm. Look for “@TODO” comments throughout the code for appropriate places to create and display/traverse your BSPTree. Also find the “@TODO” that directs you to disable the OpenGL depth-buffer. (It's not much of a test of your BSPTree traversal if OpenGL's depth buffer is enabled).
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Unformatted text preview: Notes ● Polygon splitting is the hardest part of this assignment. If you do this poorly, it will be clear in the rendered image. ● Root selection during tree building is where you have the most creative freedom, and accounts for 30% of the grade. Choose your trade-offs carefully, and justify your choices in the report. What/when/how to submit Email your project to me by midnight on the date due: ● Send to [email protected] ● Use a subject that contains “ CS350 and “ Project2 ”. ● The body of the email should contain your project report. Be sure to include your full name, and the project name in the report. ● Include a zip of (only) the (sub)directory named CS350-framework-src . Grading: Report: 10% (Clear description, spelling, punctuation, grammar.) Correctness: 30% (Includes polygon splitting, and traversal order.) Tree build: 30% (Includes tree depth and node count.) Efficiency: 20% Coding style: 10%...
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