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Chemistry%20Test%203%20answers - magnesium When an alkali...

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Chem exam 3 37.5/50 I didn’t do so hot on this one, but the highlighted ones are the ones I had no idea about. So I would check my answers In every chemical reaction between atoms, the atoms react with each other in order to: fill the valence shells of the atoms involved in the reaction Helium is a completely unreactive element because: it contains two neutrons in its nucleus A fluoride ion and a fluorine atom differ only in: Their mass number The chemical formula for beryllium bromide is: BeBr 2 A Lewis structure shows an atom's: elemental symbol and valence electrons The octet rule refers to: . the number of valence electrons An element that is not diatomic is: Helium Dimitri Mendeleev is best known for: organizing the known elements into the first periodic table An element belonging to the alkaline earth family is:
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Unformatted text preview: magnesium When an alkali metal reacts with a halogen: an electron transfers from the alkali metal to the halogen The cation among the following is: a sodium atom The valence shell of an atom is: the outermost shell containing electrons The chemical symbol for potassium is: K The chemical symbol for sodium is: Na An element that is a gas: Argon The element that does not belong in the following series is: Lithium A covalent bond forms as: two electrons are shared between two atoms A dipole results from: the separation of positive and negative charges in a molecule When magnesium burns in air, the product is: Mg 3 O 2 When magnesium reacts with bromine, the molecular formula of the product is: MgBr 2...
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Chemistry%20Test%203%20answers - magnesium When an alkali...

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