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Root Meaning Word Definition Ling, Lang Tongue *Lingo (n) Language that is unintelligible or unfamiliar. The specialized vocabulary of a particular field or discipline. Ling, Lang Tongue Language (n) Communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. Such a system including its rules for combining its components, such as words. Such a system as used by a nation, people, or other distinct community. A system of signs, symbols, gestures, or rules used in communicating. Ling, Lang Tongue Linguistics (n) The study of the nature, structure, and variation of language, including phonetics, ect. Ling, Lang Tongue *Bilingual (adj.) *(n) Using or able to use two languages, especially with equal or nearly equal fluency. Using two languages in some proportion in order to facilitate learning by students who have a native proficiency in one language and are acquiring proficiency in the other. Of, relating to, or expressed in two languages. A person who uses or is able to use two languages, especially with equal fluency. Liter Letter Literate (adj.) (n) Able to read and write. Knowledgeable or educated in a particular field or fields. Familiar with literature; literary. Well-written; polished. One who can read and write. A well- informed, educated person. Liter Letter *Alliteration (n) The repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables. Liter Letter *Literal (adj.) Being in accordance with, conforming to, or upholding the exact or primary meaning of a word or words. Exact; factual; Consisting of, using, or expressed by letters. Limited to the simplest words. Lith Stone *Monolith (n) A large block of stone, especially one used in architecture or sculpture. Something, such as a column or monument, made from one large block of stone. Something suggestive of a large block of stone, as in immovability, massiveness, or uniformity. Lith Stone Lithograph (n) A print produce by a printing process in which the image to be printed is put on a flat surface, as on sheet zinc or aluminum, and treated to retain ink while the nonimage areas are treated to repel ink. Lith Stone Megalith (n) A very large stone used in various prehistoric architectures or monumental styles, notably in western Europe during the second millennium B.C. Loqu, loc, log Speech, thought *Eloquent (adj.) Characterized by persuasive, powerful
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discourse. Vividly or movingly expressive. Loqu, loc, log Speech, thought Loquacious (adj.) Very talkative Loqu, loc, log Speech, thought Colloquial (adj.) Characteristic of or appropriate to the spoken language or to writing that seeks the effect of speech; informal. Relating to conversation;
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vocab8 - Root Ling Lang Meaning Tongue Word*Lingo(n Ling...

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