I&Mexam2 - Individual Morality-EXAM#2 March 21st...

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March 21 st Aristotle’s Theory of Art Definition : 1) imitation of a good 2) which is complete of a certain length 3) by means of language made pleasing 5) through the experience of fear that tragedy achieves a catharsis of such emotion 1-4: applies to every art form 5: wrong=putting too much emphasis on last one artistic freedom-not recognized in Constitution, but upheld in courts for hundreds of years art’s purpose in our lives? If you have a definition of art not equality then you can draw a distinction One form of art=tragedy Analysis focusing on a couple of words at a time, mean of text or situation More specific Imitation? a means to acquire knowledge; only a couple of features to capture reality, even though it’s not reality, not accepted as reality only a representation, not going for simply copying High art-profound/significant, tells us more about reality than low art, reminds us what we already know Moral knowledge-art, cannot come from everywhere, not philosophy If you don’t make good practical decisions, ruin your happiness Jealousy-bad emotion for everyone Abstract art-easier than realistic-might get lost in the details, cleaning away the excess Changed-so you see significance Image Oil painting captures more reality than photographs Copying-might capture something that is not really there Action Macbeth-Robert Debuse (historic figure, first king of Scotland) Purpose of art=gives us a certain kind of knowledge we can’t get somewhere else-knowledge of moral reality March 23 rd Tragedy is an imitation of good action-applied to general art Function of knowledge (moral) we can’t get anywhere Argument vs. censorship Messing up play-if one part is taken out then it is not the same Censorship-taking out a piece, only appropriate if not contributing to the rest of storyline General Art: 1) imitation of a good action 2) which is [complete-beginning/middle/end] and of a certain length (time in play-takes place in 24 hrs, size-not very long, time-takes about an hour to perform)- temptation to over write, however, it must be appropriate for telling the story 3) fiction-by language made pleasing-seems just writing Theater-language, not setting, performance (oratory)) March 26 th Organization which you will have to cooperate w/ people, define the element, what is your business/purpose? Theater-lots of elements: actors, director, playwright-one person writing words by themselves, techies,
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I&Mexam2 - Individual Morality-EXAM#2 March 21st...

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