Iran - Important Terms and Concepts for Iran Mahmoud...

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Important Terms and Concepts for Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Current President of Iran Assembly of Religious Experts An informal body in Iran that has de facto veto power over all major political decisions “axis of evil” threaten the peace of the world; include Iran, Iraq and North Korea (possess weapons of mass destruction/harbor terrorists) Constitution of 1979 Created after the revolution, installed Islamic Republic, Theocracy. (see handout) Constitutional revolution of 1905-1909 The first attempt to bring anything like democracy to Iran; created Majle legislature Equality-with-difference The Islamic Republic’s policy toward women; are less strict than some countries, are offered education Executives of the Construction Party is a political party in Iran, founded by several members of the cabinet of the then-President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. The party is considered one of the most important supporters of Rafsanjani and his policies. Faqih the just and pious jurist who is recognized by the majority of the people at any period as best qualified to lead the nation; Khomeini was the first. Hidden Imam Young Iranians who fight to speak their mind/the Persian youth imams the Leaders of all mankind, are very well know to all Muslims; 12 all together Import substitution industrialization Iranian Militant Clerics Society a left wing pro-reform Iranian political party, established March 16, 1988. Its current leading members include Mohammad Khatami (former President of Iran) Islamic Iran Participation Front is a reformist political party in Iran. It is led by Secretary-General of the party, Mohammad Reza Khatami (the brother of Mohammad
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Iran - Important Terms and Concepts for Iran Mahmoud...

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