importantppl - Important People Scramble Work Bank Abacha...

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Important People Scramble Work Bank Abacha, Sani Babangida, Ibrahim Macaulay, Herbert Abiola, Moshood Bello, Ahmadu Obasanjo, Olusegun Abubakar, Addulsalami Balewa, Tafawa Saro-Wiwa, Ken Awolowo, Obafemi Ironsi, Aguiyi Shagari, Shehu Azikiwe Nnamdi Kano, Aminu 1. In 1944, Macaulay and idwanaimenizk formed the Nation Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC), which went beyond the small steps advocated by earlier national and demanded independence. _______________________ 2. The SDP nominated soaiadmloohob a well-known shipping magnate, publisher, and sponsor of soccer team. He would also appeal in the north because he was a Muslim. _______________________ 3. Pessimists noted, too, that President Obasanjo, like President gasrhsiheuha thirty years before him, had removed a state governor—and foe—in the months following his reelection as president ostensibly for an inability to keep peace. He was the Head of State 1979 to 1983 with the Second Republic regime. 4. imaeawfwoolobo headed the Action Group (AG) and decided to lead the opposition in Lagos. He also provokes a confrontation within the AG that culminate in the regional assembly’s vote of no confidence in the Akintola government. ____________________ 5. nyigoruisaii was Head of State in 1966 under a Military regime. He moved quickly against corrupt officials and promised a rapid return to civilian rule. ________________ 6. In 1993, then-military strongman gnimdbababaiiahr and his fellow officers refused to accept the results of an election that apparently had been fairly won by the business executive Moshood Abiola. _______________________ 7. The regime cracked down on dissidents—real and imaged—culminating in the execution of the author and environmental activist ornka-wsaiwe in 1996. ______________________ 8.
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importantppl - Important People Scramble Work Bank Abacha...

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