vocab15 - Root Ten Tin Tain Meaning Hold Twist Word...

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Root Meaning Word Definition Ten, Tin, Tain Hold, Twist Detention (n) The act of holding. The state or a period of being detained, especially: A period of temporary custody while awaiting trial. A period of confinement to a detention home. A form of punishment by which a student is made to stay after regular school hours. A forced or penalizing delay. *Tenable (adj.) Capable of being held, maintained, or defended; reasonable. *Tenacious (adj.) Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, such as a point of view. Holding together firmly; cohesive. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive. Tending to keep hold of. Pertinacious (adj.) Holding tenaciously to a purpose, belief, opinion, or course of action. Stubbornly or defiantly persistent. Retinue (n) The servants or followers accompanying a high-ranking person. Retain (v) To maintain possession of. To keep or hold in a particular place, condition, or position. To keep in mind; remember. To hire (an attorney, for example) by the payment of a fee. To keep in one's service or pay. Tend, Tens, Tent Stretch Intend (v) To have in mind; plan. To design for a specific purpose. To have in mind for a particular use. To signify or mean. Distend (v) To swell out or expand from or as if from internal pressure. Tension (n) The act or process of stretching something tight. The condition of so being stretched. A force tending to stretch something. Mental, emotional, or nervous strain. Barely controlled hostility or a strained relationship between people or groups. A balanced relation between strongly opposing elements. *Tensile (adj.) Of or relating to tension. Capable of being stretched or extended; elastic or flexible. *Ostensible (adj.) Represented or appearing as such; seeming or professed. Contentious (adj.) Argumentative; quarrelsome Term End Terminal (adj.) Of, at, relating to, or forming a limit, boundary, extremity, or end. Of, at, relating to, or being the end of a section or series; final. Relating to or occurring in a term or each term. Causing, ending in, or approaching death; fatal. (n) A point or part that forms the end. An ornamental figure or object placed at the end of a larger structure; a finial. *Terminus (n) The final point; the end. An end point on a transportation line or the town in which it is located. A boundary or border. A stone or post marking a border. Terminate (v)
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vocab15 - Root Ten Tin Tain Meaning Hold Twist Word...

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