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Study Guide Quiz #2 You are responsible for chapters 5 & 6 in Fant, the content of lecture notes and handouts, and the film, Kingdom of David. Vocab: Herem or ban: Jericho was put under the ban or herem; used in the Joshua narrative; it is a practice of holy warfare whereby a conquered people and their possessions were destroyed as a sacrifice Amphictyony: a religious confederacy, what was once believed that Israel was organized into Clan: groups of extended families; provided support and protection to member families; the gov’t and administration was in the hands of the elders/heads of families, based on social status, wealth and prestige Family: included the extended family; basic residential and productive unit within the social structure; included several generations; related figures; slaves and long term visitors; basic unit of economic matters Tribe: included clans and extended families, basis of membership in Israel; vague and fluid, changing entities; divided into: North (house of Israel), South (house of Judah) Israel: northern Canaan tribes Judah: southern Canaan tribes Judge: military or tribal leaders; chosen by their charismatic personalities and leadership skills; shophets Shophet: Hebrew term for judge; means more literally to “judge, justify or deliver”; it is one who defends a just or right cause, hears cases and renders the judgment, a military leader who delivers an oppressed people Syncretism: the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles, practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion; it was an issue for the Israelites since they were entering into a land with different religious practices like Baal and Astartes Tabernacle: it was a portable central place of worship for the Hebrews from the time they left ancient Egypt following the Exodus, through the time of the Book of Judges when they were engaged in conquering the land of Canaan
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TANAK: Hebrew Jewish bible; includes the Torah (laws), Nevi’im (prophets), and the Ketunim (writings) Decalogue: or Ten Commandments, that expresses what is most fundamental in the maintenance of the divine-human relationship; first four deal with worship of God, last six govern the life of the Israelite community; list of religious and moral laws; were written by God and given to Moses on Mount Sinai in the form of two stone tablets, AKA the Ten Commandments Cosmology: Other matters to study: Notes from film. Pay special attention to Fant, chapter 6, section titled The Divine-Human Encounter in the Era of the Judges. 2 Challenges facing the Israelites: establishing an agricultural lifestyle; preserving their faith from the threat of the fertility religion in Canaan Know about the Baal(s) and Astartes (Asherah): Baal-god of storm and fertility; died and was resurrected; renewal of nature; when Baal and Anath have sex, it rains; a practical religion for farmers; lord of the land, giver of rain, and sustainer of all life; was an issue for Canaanite religion the in the
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biblequiz2 - Study Guide Quiz#2 You are responsible for...

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