BibleMT - Bible Doctrine Review Sheet for Mid Terms (First...

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Bible Doctrine Review Sheet for Mid Terms (First Quarter) -Humanism vs. Christianity Humanism Christianity Place of education Education will cure society’s ills/problems. Education+Bad Man=Good Man Education can magnify society’s ills. Education+Bad Man=Smart Bad Man! Implications of Agnosticism: we can know nothing of a God or after- life; they decided for themselves; live in the now; no God w/ which to be compared, instead compare w/ each other. A revealed God: we know that God has shown both His love and demands; there will be an ultimate accountability for your life; we are responsible for how we live our life in comparison to what God expects, not what others expect What makes ppl bad? Humans are by nature good. They are made bad by society from the outside in. (Climbing the ladder of society); Humans are getting better (Technology and inventions) Humans are by nature selfish. They are what makes society so bad; Humans will get worse apart from God Moral system Ultimate social scheme: Survival of the Fittest (competition/the pyramid Ultimate social scheme: oneness relationship with God and others -Hermeneutics Hermeneutics: the art and science of bible study Observations: What does it say? Interpretation: What does it mean? Application: What does it mean to me? Why study Hermeneutics? It is important to understand what God Word truly tells us What is the primary reason there are so many church denominations? Bad Hermeneutics -Bibliology C.U.P.S acronym: Construction, Unity, Prophesy, Salvation changes lives 40 authors; 1600 years; 3 languages: Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew; 3 continents: Europe, Africa, Asia; theme: redemption;
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BibleMT - Bible Doctrine Review Sheet for Mid Terms (First...

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