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SpanishTest1 - More Examples Good grades matter to him.=Le...

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Spanish Test 04-11-06 Verbos Especiales Con complemento indirecto=Expressing Surprise, Interest, and Annoyance The following verbs function the same in Spanish as in English Asustar To scare Importar To matter Encantar To enchant, to delight Interesar To interest Enfurecer To infuriate, to anger Molestar To bother Enojar To annoy Sorprender To surprise *These verbs take an indirect object pronoun in Spanish. Las películas policíacas me asustan. (me for yo form, and –an for the police being plural) The crime movies frighten me. *Note that the subject of the sentence often comes after the verb. A Joaquín le sorprendieron mis ideas. To Joaquín my ideas they surprised him. La verdad es que me enojaron sus opiniones. The truth is that their opinions they got mad me.
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Unformatted text preview: More Examples Good grades matter to him.=Le importan las notas buenas. Your sister’s friends both you=Te molestan las amiags de tú hermana Bad drivers annoy me.=Me enogan los conductores malos. History interests them.=Les interesta la historía. Her friend suprises her with a gift.=Le sorprende su amiga con un regalo. Tests scare us=Nos asustan los exámenes. Saturdays delight me=Me encantan los sábados. Too much work infuriates them.=Le endurece demaiado trabajo. Versículo Porque de su plenitud tomamos todos, y gracia sobre gracia. ~Juan Uno: Dieciséis~ Because of His fullness we all receive, and grace upon grace. ~John 1:16~...
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