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Terms: Incarnational Organism: the church is a living community that reveal God to the world Amorphous: without definite external form, the church is amorphous because it is formed where Christians gather in Christ’s name Synergistic Religion: dynamic group oriented religion Edification: the practice of spiritual gifts Canon: 27 New Testaments Books, accepted 367 Ad Gnosticism: heresy formed by mixing Plato with Christ Apophatic Theology: Considers God beyond human understanding and language. To emphasize the “otherness” of God, this system only defines God negatively in terms of what He is not (i.e. God is not finite, not sinful, etc.). Arianism: Jesus was the Son of God, a “mediator God” Apostolic Succession: transferring apostolic authority to the next bishop, laying down of hands to pass the mantle of leadership to another arch-bishop Asceticism: suffering for a worthy goal Modalism: that there is one God that takes 3 different forms Nicene Creed: in 325 AD, dealt with the son’s divinity Athanasian Creed: in 367 AD, also called the Trinitarian creed Eutychianism: Christ was a blended god/man Pelagianism: men are born without Original Sin Apollinarianism: Jesus was totally God, but not fully man Apocrypha: the “Hidden Books”, accepted 1545 Incarnational Word: God’s revelation of himself through Christ Events and Dates 66-311 AD: persecution period 311-476 AD: imperial period 66 AD: Nero is emperor, persecution 100 AD: the death of John (thought to be the last of the Apostles) 311 AD: Edict of Toleration by Galerius 313 AD: Edict of Milan issued by Constantine to end persecution 325 AD: Council of Nicea 367 AD: Festal Letter of Athanasius 381 AD: Council of Constantinople 451AD: Council of Chalcedon 476 AD: fall of Rome 590 AD: Pope Gregory 600 AD: Mohammad founds Islam 800 AD: Charlemagne declared first Pope 1054 AD: Greek Church split 1096 AD: first crusade by Urban II 1333 AD: black plague 1300s: John Wyclife 1415: John Hus is martyred Edict of Milan: in 313 AD issued by Constantine to end persecution Edict of Toleration in 311 AD, issued by Galerius to end persecution
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biblemidterm2 - Terms: Incarnational Organism: the church...

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