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Name:___________________________ Math 155 Quiz 4 19 September 2006 Instructions : This quiz is closed book and closed notes. You may use a calculator. Label your answers and show all work. 1. (5 pts) Let p t +1 = 2.0 p t 2.0 p t + 2.5(1- p t ) a) What are the equilibria and label each as stable or unstable. p*=0 is stable and p*=1 is unstable b) What is the long-term behavior of this updating function? Why? p t will decrease and eventually reach zero because wild bacteria are reproducing at
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Unformatted text preview: a faster rate than the mutant bacteria (r > s) 2. (5 pts) Consider the following graph of a heart model. a) Cobweb starting with V = 22.0 b) Does this model represent a healthy heart, 2:1 block, or Wenckenbach? How do you know? This represents a 2:1 block because it follows the pattern beat, skip, beat, skip; in other words, for every 2 signals, only 1 is transmitted to the ventricle. V t V t+1...
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