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Lord of the Flies-Symbols Chart 1. the conch : The conch shell is a symbol of order and society because whenever Ralph wants to call a meeting he blow it. Also the conch is blow to get everyone’s attention during the meeting. The conch when placed in another boy’s hands gives him the power to speak to the group without any other boy interrupting him (except for Ralph). The conch represents the rules and laws the boys have started to establish on the island. The conch also symbolizes communication, because the boys use it when discussing important issues. Another thing the conch represents is authority, because Ralph is demanding that everyone come when called and because the boy who holds it has the authority to talk over everyone else. 2. the signal fire : The smoke in the fire symbolizes their hope of their rescued and their struggle to hold on to the believes that society (the British) will some day see it and rescue them. I think the fire represents to some of the boys their old sense of their old lives and how it influences them. When the fire goes out Ralph is nervous and unsure about what to do. 3. the jungle : The jungle symbolizes many different things. For most of the boys it is a scary and unknown place, so it represents their fear of the unknown. To Simon it represent beauty and nature; it is a place where he can relax, mediate and think. 4. the mountain : The mountain symbolizes the boys sense of adventure, playfulness and their love of exploring the first day they are on the island. Soon the mountain starts to represent power, because the signal fire is on the mountain and the mountain overshadows most of the island. 5. the assembly platform . The platform symbolizes society, civilization and structure because it is the place where the meetings are held. The assembly platform is where rules are made and the boys sense that they need organization is sparked. 6. the huts : the huts symbolize the boys need for a settlement and some type of civilized living. The huts represent a home, an anchor where they feel comfortable and protected. The hut is a place they can return to every night for sleep and protection from the dark. The huts also symbolize the beginning of a split between the two groups on the island (the builders who want to be rescued and the hunters who can only think of hunting the island’s pigs). With the chapter on the huts we begin to see the trouble between Ralph and Jack as something real and foreboding. Only Simon and Ralph seem to really care about building the huts; the other boys help for about five minutes then get bored and wander off. 7. Piggy’s glasses : Piggy in having the glass from his glasses to start the fire could represent the knowledge about fires. His glasses are the “lamp of Knowledge”. Piggy’s glasses represent a very strong sense of weakness and his true character because even though he may be almost physically blind he has the moral sense to see clearly. The glasses represent piggy’s sense of right and wrong
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LOTFsymbolschart - Lord of the Flies-Symbols Chart 1. the...

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