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Element Beginning Middle End Overall Analysis Conch Pg. 17 The conch symbolizes power, authority, and order. Its “harsh note” and “strident blare” penetrate the depths of the island and its forests. At this point all the boys on the island respect the conch’s ability to bring stability to their life and to call on assemblies. Pg.92 Ralph is losing his hope in being rescued. The power of the conch is eroding. Some of the boys are not giving the conch full authority. Ralph is now afraid to blow the conch because the hunters despise his right to call meetings. The conch no longer has the same influence it had before. Pg. 181 The conch is smashed and “explodes” into many pieces when the rock kills Piggy. The conch and Piggy, but symbols of civilization, authority, and order are destroyed together. The conch ceases to exist and have power. The hunting group or “savages” become rampant and unpredictable. The conch is a symbol of society and harmony for the boys. It calls assembles into order and gets everyone’s attention. As the plot processes and the need for civilized rules declines, so does the need for the conch. Its supremacy over hunters slips away and eventually no longer continues to affect their decisions. Fire Pg. 44 The huge bonfire the boys build gets out of control and is not contained to the mountainside area. As a result of this, the fire supposedly kills the boy with the “mulberry-colored birthmark”. From the beginning the fire seems to be out of control. Pg. 80 The boys are
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LOTFelementschart - Element Conch Beginning Pg. 17 The...

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