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2 nd Semester Final Review Terms *Sophisticated Superficiality: the values of the rich Medium: *Incarnational Word: God’s revelation of himself through Christ (Jesus) *Incarnational Organism: the church is a living community that reveals God to the world (church) *Syncretism: the blending of cultures Courting: gain the affects of Vanity: emptiness, worthlessness, or futility *Trinity: God is three is person, one in essence Sacramental System: remember Christ Sacrificial System: anticipate Christ (look forward to when sacrifices would be over) Spiritual Gifts: special gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit to build up the church *Edification: the practice of spiritual gifts; edify others/ build up others in the church *Canon: 27 New Testaments Books, accepted 367 AD (rule or measure) *Aprocrypha: the “Hidden Books”, accepted 1545 Sabellianism: *Arianism: Jesus was the Son of God, a “mediator God”, little g god, above man, below God *Gnosticism: heresy formed by mixing Plato with Christ; heresy that taught Jesus is a ghost, matter is evil; defended at the end of the 2 nd c. thanks to Apologists; not a characteristic: Christ rose bodily from the grave *Apollonarianism: Christ was possessed by the Divine Spirit *Pelagianism: men are born without Original Sin and have no sin nature Original Sin: *Justification: to be declared righteous by the judge *Regeneration: new life granted by the spirit of God (before you believe) *Atonement: coving for sins *Sanctification: to be set apart from sin to God through the transformation process *Predestination: God choose those who would be saved before the world began Crusades (purpose of): *Synergistic Religion: dynamic group oriented religion; communal; relationships and doctrine together *Apophatic Theology: defining what God is not *Asceticism: suffering for a worthy goal/cause *Amorphous: without definite external form, the church is amorphous because it is former wherever Christians gather in Christ’s name *Catholic: (literal) universal, according to the whole *Eutychianism: Christ was a blended god-man (smootie) *Lay Investitor: feudal king appoints his own bishop or priest *Modalism: 1 God, 3 forms; the water analogy *Ekklesia: church (assembly) *Simony: the church sells church offices (such as baptism) *Pantheism: the religious system that sacrifices individuality for unity *Atheism: the religious system that sacrifices unity for individuality People Nero: early emperor who killed his teacher, mother, 2 wives and himself (surprised to die b/c he thought he was a god), didn’t like slums so has his own people burn the city but it got out of control, then he took the opportunity to blame the Christians, sowed Christians in animal skins, burned Christians alive; was paranoid about people taking over his rule; became emperor about 64-66; local in Rome only Christians blamed for burning Rome, Sadistic measures taken to punish them Domician of Constantine: forged document granting land to the church Iranaeus: opponent of Gnostism, early church figure, disciple of Polycarp; 177-200 AD, wrote Five Books Against Heresies,
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biblefinal2sem - Terms *Sophisticated Superficiality: the...

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