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Definitions Hermeneutics: the art and science of bible study; Observations: What does it say? Application: What does it mean to me? Why study Hermeneutics? It is important to understand what God Word truly tells us. What is the primary reason there are so many church denominations? Bad Hermeneutics Inerrancy: the bible is without error in its original form Atonement: coving for sins Participation: if we die with Christ, we will be raised with him Eu-Angelion: good news Proto Evangelium: first good news Depravity: the heart is deceitful and wicked, we seek fulfillment of the flesh, we are children of wrath; original sin, we were born in sin Substitution: Christ takes our place on the cross Agnosticism: we cannot know of God Atheism: belief in no God Evolution: non-living things gave rise to living things, spontaneous generation occurred only once, invertebrates gave rise to vertebrate, there is no God Mutations (from an evolutionist perspective): are constructive; make good chares; (generally) genetic changes Entropy: things in a system go from order to disorder First Law of Thermodynamics: matter cannot be created or destroyed Interpretation: what does it mean? Infallibility: the belief that the ideas of the bible have been transmitted faithfully Argument for Design: creation implies a designer (think of the watch) Falsifiability: a statement which can be proven false Evil: the corruption of good Faith: trusting our whole self to Christ Tulip: different points for Calvanism (its an acronym) Imputation: to credit to another Evangelism: to make disciples; to bring them to faith in Jesus Christ Justification: to be declared righteous Regeneration: to be given new life at the point of salvation Redemption: restoration of value Reconciliation: to be made right with God Sanctification: to be set apart from sin to God through transformation Schadenfreude: opposite of envy; taking pleasure in some else’s misfortune Federal Theory: Adam represented all humanity Seminal Theory: sin is passed biologically Atonement Principle: If I cover my sin, God will uncover it. If I uncover my sin, God will cover it. Lie of Hedonism: seeking pleasure results in pleasure Questions Give 5 arguments against Resurrection: stolen body, wrong tomb, swoon, hallucination, some died in Jesus’ place Give 3 arguments for Resurrect: empty tomb, people saw him, mass martyrdom (disciples and others did for their faith in Jesus) Explain the literal interpretation of the age of the earth: the earth was made at full maturity What is the biggest problem of creationists against evolution? apparent age of the earth What is the biggest argument for creationist against evolution? the design argument What is the approximate age of the earth, according to a bible literalist? 6,000-15,000 years Explain the Christian objection to evolution: law of thermodynamics, missing fossil links, dating methods not reliable, mutations are destructive, entropy What is the purpose of the CUPS acronym? To explain why the bible is so unique and special
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BibleSF1 - Definitions Hermeneutics the art and science of...

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