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Censorship and Book Banning in America ByMelissa Kelly Updated June 21, 2019 While readingAdventures of Huckleberry Finnin school, teachers often spend full class periods discussing a very important issue:Mark Twain'suse of the 'n' word throughout the book. It's important to not only explain that the book must be looked at through the context of the time period but also what Twain was trying to do with his story. He was trying to reveal the plight of an enslaved person and he was doing so with the vernacular of the time. Students may make wisecracks, but it's important to address their humor with information. Students need to understand the word's meaning and Twain's reasons for using it. These conversations are difficult to have because they are controversial and many people are very uncomfortable with the 'n' word—for good reason. Due to its origins in enslavement and racism, it is often the topic of disgruntled phone calls from parents.
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