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Alg.2FinalsCheatSheet - AX=B(A-1(B)=X A=#s in front of the...

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AX=B (A -1 )(B)=X Exponential Matrix: a table of #s w/ a unique form of mathematical operation A=#s in front of the variables Parent equ.: y=2 x Calculator (for Matrix) B=#s that your equa. Equals Locator: (0,1) (none) 1) 2 nd , Matrix When circle is filled=equal to X=your variables General equ.: y=a x; ; y=a (x-h ) +K 2) Go over to edit [A] When circle is empty=not equal X -1 =1/x Properites: 1 asymptote 3) dimensions: rows by columns Shade up: >, > D: <x< 4) put in #s for your matrix Shade down: <, < R: 0<y< 5) repeat for 2 nd matrix selection [B] If f(x)=-3x 2 +2x+7 and g(x)=x+2 Parabola 6) 2 nd , quit g(a+1)=? Parent equ.: y=x 2 7) matrix, then enter [A], then enter matrix [B] g(a+1)=a+1+2 Locator: vertex=(h,k) Fraction Busters g(a+1)=a+3 General equ.: y=a(x-h) 2 +k 1) Find common denominator and then cross multiply |3 6| Find 3, 2 Properties: no asymptote 2) Mulpitply both sides by your least common multiple |2 5| (row, column) D (always): <x< Dependent var. depends on the independent var.
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